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Chimney Cleaning Allen Park, MI

Your chimney needs to be cleaned and maintained to ensure it looks great and functions well all year long. If you are looking for chimney cleaning in Allen Park, MI, look no further than Motor City Home Improvement.

Why are Chimney Cleaning and Maintenance So Important?

Chimney cleaning and routine maintenance are essential for your safety of you, your family, and your Allen Park, MI home. If your chimney has a problem, it’s possible for carbon monoxide to come back into your home and carbon monoxide poisoning has the potential to be deadly.

Chimney cleaning is also essential for keeping smoke out of your home and protecting your chimney from potential fires. Failing to have your chimney cleaned regularly could lead to buildup that puts you at risk for a chimney fire, which could be devastating to your home.

Signs of Trouble

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Chimney Cleaning Detroit, MI

  • Slow starting fire or flame
  • Smoke is backing up into house
  • Chimney has strange or bad odors
  • Items such as birds’ nests, twigs, and other debris are sticking out of chimney
  • Outside masonry is cracking

Keeping your chimney clean and in good repair ensures you can enjoy those evenings around the fire with peace of mind. If it’s time to have your chimney cleaned or you think you may need routine maintenance or repairs, call Motor City Home Improvement in Allen Park, MI today and set up an appointment with one of our experienced chimney experts.

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