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Chimney Rebuild Berkley, MI

Motor City Home Improvement has the experience and knowledge to keep your Berkley, MI home and chimney in tip-top shape. From masonry repairs to a complete chimney rebuild, we can repair, replace, and maintain your chimney.

Signs of Chimney Trouble

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Chimney RebuildFurnace or Boiler Fumes

If the basement of your Berkley, MI home has a furnace or boiler providing you heat in three seasons, it probably exhausts through your home’s chimney. The carbon monoxide combustion byproduct escapes harmlessly out of your home, unless your chimney has cracks in the liner or brickwork. If your chimney has cracks or defects, that odorless, poisonous, colorless and tasteless gas can seep into your home, possibly with fatal results. If cracks or defects are too large or damaged to be repaired, talk to Motor City Home Improvement about a chimney rebuild today.

Water Infiltration

On the outside of your Berkley, MI home, the flashing and chimney cricket tie the roof into the chimney. This cannot be a solid connection because different materials expand and contract at different rates, so caulking and flexible flashing are used. If a caulking crack or flashing failure allows water to seep into your home’s attic, expect mold, mildew and insect damage to follow.

Smoke and Fire Damage

Worse, possibly, than any threat to your home’s integrity from CO seepage, water infiltration and pest entry, is smoke or even flames escaping through cracks in your chimney liner and into your home. A two-story Berkley, MI home may have more than 30 linear feet of chimney liner—that entire surface area must be free of cracks or defects so that smoke or flames from a first-floor fire in the fireplace cannot re-enter the second story of your house.


Time for A Chimney Rebuild?

Contact Motor City Home Improvement today to schedule an appointment for one of our expert chimney technicians to inspect your chimney. A chimney rebuild may be necessary to keep your family safe from fire, smoke, and other damage.